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Nest. Office. Classroom. Yoga Studio. And everything in between.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demands we placed on our homes were higher than ever. We had to reimagine our most sacred space and make room for offices, online classrooms, workout studios, and the needs of an increasingly homebound lifestyle. Many people found themselves asking how they could maximize the space and functionality of their homes, while others took the opportunity to leave their neighborhoods and buy a new home elsewhere.
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A home where all of life can happen

As a leading replacement homebuilder of single-family homes in the most desirable cities, Thomas James Homes was uniquely set up to help in times such as this. Unlike most traditional homebuilders, TJH makes attaining the right home in the right neighborhood easier by offering three home solutions—rebuild a home on your existing homesite, buy and customize a TJH pre-construction home, or buy a move-in ready market home. No matter which path you choose, each TJH plan is well designed with functional space, modern floorplans, custom-quality materials, and upgraded features that enhance life at home.

Home is everything​

To reach potential homebuyers and show them that TJH understands the importance of home in people’s lives, we created the Home is Everything multi-channel campaign. Our goal was to highlight the central role of home during Covid and bring awareness to how TJH’s unique offerings meet the new needs of a homebound lifestyle.
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Building the campaign architecture

We developed various initiatives for digital, traditional, and social marketing channels that focused on the importance of a well-designed home and what you could gain from a new TJH home. Topics ranged from home office options and storage solutions that maximize functionality to smart home technology, indoor/outdoor living, and features that promote a healthier home. We also highlighted the superior design of TJH homes, available home listings, and the different TJH home solutions that offer more flexibility for buyers.

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What we did

Campaign Strategy

Landing Page

Creative Development

Email Marketing

Digital Ads

Social Media Ads

Content Marketing

Performance Analytics

“I couldn’t be more proud to be part of the Thomas James Homes family and all we have accomplished with the help of Anne Morris and the entire Truss Creative team. They have become an invaluable asset and true partner in helping us create a successful marketing program and reimagined brand presence.”

Gina Nixon, Executive Vice President, Sales + Marketing, Thomas James Homes

The results

The HIE campaign was a success, resulting in high-performing display ads, greater brand awareness, and two silver awards at The Nationals, one of the building industry’s most prestigious competitions. It also helped TJH remain relevant in the midst of a global pandemic and emerge stronger as a trusted, reliable brand. Most importantly, the campaign gave TJH a heartfelt, authentic, and positive message that resonated with audiences on an emotional level by highlighting the importance of home and family during a time of great uncertainty. “Stuck at home” became “Home is everything.”