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Reclaiming resolutions in 2022

6 things we’re doing to get better and be better in 2022

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Resolutions have gotten a bad rap over the years.

Yes, many of them fail. Sometimes distractions get the best of us. Or we bite off more changes than we can chew. But what’s so wrong with committing (or recommitting) to better habits, thoughtful actions and new perspectives?

After back-to-back years of global uncertainty, collective malaise and downright fatigue, we resolve to reclaim the excitement and empowerment of putting proverbial pen to paper and holding ourselves accountable for doing and being better as an agency. They may not be huge, they may not be grandiose, and they may not be all that original, but these six resolutions will certainly help us enter 2022 with more intention, positivity, and boldness—a few things we can all agree are needed in times like these.

The 6 resolutions of Trussmas

We resolve to…be “always on” learners

When you get paid to be an expert, it’s easy to lose sight of the value of being a learner. But our value to our clients, teams and organizations isn’t just in what we know. It’s equally found in what we can learn. It’s in our ability to constantly integrate new information, experiences, and tools into our knowledge base and workflows. So whether it’s wading into emerging technologies (hello metaverse) or experimenting with new software to help streamline our work, we’re resolving to keep an “always on” learning mindset in 2022.

I’m excited to nerd out on chatbot copywriting in the new year. [With more and more client websites benefitting from this technology], I want to learn about how to make these interactions more human, brand-aligned, and effective at moving customers through the sales funnel.—Stephanie Sinnema, brand strategy director

I’m always trying to learn more about the ways people interact with the experiences we create, so I’m resolving to dive deeper into the psychology behind target audience behaviors in hopes of designing more intuitive marketing efforts—whether it’s for print or digital.—Kim McKeown, art + design director


We resolve to…add to our tech toolbox

Like most marketers, we already rely on a stack of apps, gadgets, and web services to help us communicate with clients, project manage our work, and produce creative assets. But the technology moves fast, and keeping up with updates, releases and new platforms can be a job unto itself. But technology that can help us work smarter, not harder is always a worthy investment.

I’m excited to level-up not only my professional design tools but also emerging services that empower our clients and team members to get in on the design game, enabling them to more easily create graphics for print and digital that are on brand and look great.—Kim McKeown, art + design director

Staying up on the latest tech makes me and my team more efficient which leaves more space for creativity and ingenuity. If you wanna break the mold and be distinctive you gotta be strategic and create space. —Danee French, account manager


We resolve to…channel experimentation

When you find a winning formula, say in your digital strategy, it’s hard to take a chance on a new channel or use an old channel in a dramatically different way. However, our increasingly fragmented media landscape means that your target audiences have more places than ever to learn about new brands and consider their buying decisions. If your customers suddenly choose to be somewhere that you are not, that can spell trouble for your marketing strategy. This year, we’re resolving to experiment with a few new channels in our own marketing as we help our clients take more calculated risks across their promotional mix too.

Podcast media can be expensive, but is historically great for reaching educated, tech-savvy, high-net worth audiences. I can think of a handful of clients this channel would be a great fit for in 2022.—Stephanie Sinnema, brand strategy director

Taking on #TikTok and enhancing our #IGReels game is at the top of my resolutions list. The progression of storytelling via social channels continues to evolve, and this year I’m excited to dig into the opportunities more video content can provide our client base.—Bre Reed, social media manager


We resolve to…know the numbers, believe the numbers, share the numbers

In 2022 we want to take our data analytics to the next level by experimenting with new and better ways of sharing the numbers with our clients, and using data to drive creative strategy across everything we do. Whether it’s simply sharing the numbers more frequently or using new tools or tactics to make the numbers come to life visually, we’re excited to pilot new methods for making analytics more clear, compelling, and actionable.

I would like to improve data analytics by channeling “saying more with less” and avoiding analysis paralysis by continuing to improve report formatting + to provide key takeaways and action items vs. getting bogged down with granular details. —Bailey Johnson, account manager

The importance of actionable insights has always been a value for us. As we continue to grow with our clients I’m excited to optimize our presentation + approach to analytics so we can provide more holistic insights everyone can understand. From SEO to CPC to social media data, we’re combining forces throughout our team like never before. –Bre Reed, social media manager


We resolve to…go back to basics

We are not exempt from shiny metal object syndrome. With so many new technologies and a media landscape that seems to change daily, it is tempting to get distracted by the flash instead of focusing on the fundamentals. So even while we lean into new tactics and emerging platforms to help our clients breakthrough in 2022, we’re resolving to double down on the proven strategies and tools that lead to sustainable business results.

All of the new TikTok-Insta-Reels-Meta features bring some really cool opportunities for brands (and I’ve spent many hours scrolling TikTok for “research”). But without purpose, empathy, and awareness of audience mindsets, content falls flat. I’d like to dive deeper into social media listening tools that allow us to better understand how different target audiences think and what matters most to them in real time; Then use these insights to create more relatable content, brand stories, and messaging that feels all the more human.–Lauren Migliore, senior copywriter

With so many ways to measure our work, we’re often distracted by vanity numbers that make us feel good, but don’t actually contribute to our success. I’d like to ruthlessly focus us on the measures that matter. No more reporting on the number of website visitors when form conversions are what count. No more caring about click-through-rates when phone calls fulfill.—Aaron Brown, digital director


We resolve to…engage social issues thoughtfully

Whether it’s civil rights, climate change, homelessness, or any number of social issues that loom large with consumers, brands are increasingly finding themselves pressured to make public statements about the most important matters of the day. Rather than take a reactive stance, organizations should view social impact as an integral part of brand strategy. Doing so is the difference between performative virtue signaling and meaningful action that reflects customers’ values.

A social impact initiative is most effective when the issue is organically tied to a brand’s DNA. Instead of jumping on the next social impact bandwagon, in 2022 brands should look inward to identify what they are already doing to make a positive impact. Elevate and amplify those things. This is strategy driven by authenticity.—Stephanie Sinnema, brand strategy director

One of my favorite integrations into a brand’s strategy is community cultivation + engagement. What better way to connect with your audience than to partner with a cause (or multiple causes) and invite your community to join?—Bre Reed, social media manager

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