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In town and in reach

The Olson Company is a nationally recognized builder of affordable for-sale housing across LA and Orange County’s key urban centers. We were retained to improve their digital marketing infrastructure, starting with a reimagined brand presence on the web, so that more homebuyers could be reached with Olson’s in-town, in-reach message.

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Creating a better home on the web

After thorough analysis we identified the following key objectives for Olson’s new corporate site: elevate the company’s brand positioning through better storytelling, enhance the user experience to improve conversions and referral traffic to Olson’s community sites, increase lead generation through smart CTAs, and improve SEO by applying digital marketing best practices to the site’s backend.

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Building on a promise

Olson’s “in-town, in-reach” brand promise was fantastic, but we felt that it could be strengthened through more inspired storytelling. We developed a brand voice that is warm, approachable, empowering, aspirational, and attainable. Everywhere we could we painted verbal pictures of what life looks like when you commute less, walk more, and engage with your urban backyard. Visuals tell the same story, through pictures of diverse, happy homeowners enjoying the many benefits of in-town living.

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Directing traffic

An improved UX was a top priority for this project. We achieved this through a more curatorial design that better utilized the visual real estate above and below the fold. Content blocks follow a strategic hierarchy that aligns with the site’s conversion goals. Calls to action are prominent and used throughout to direct traffic. The new search function and deep navigation get users to where they need to be in two gestures or less.

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Becoming a resource

As the affordable for-sale housing experts, The Olson Company is in the unique position to be the go-to resource for new homebuyers. To enhance this brand position, we developed a Homebuying 101 resource page on, which contains need-to-know info for first-time buyers.

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What we did

Brand Strategy

Brand Architecture

Visual Identity




The results

Early returns measured from time of launch through the end of Q1 2020 vs. the immediate and equal previous period signal success for the new Buoyed by a strong content and SEO strategy, we delivered a 7% increase in total web sessions, a 15% uptick in new users, and a 13% increase in unique users. Our big win came with session duration, which increased an impressive 63%. Through superior UX, intuitive design, and engaging content, users are coming, staying and engaging with the Olson story like never before.