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Located in West Newport Beach on a sprawling bluff overlooking the Pacific, is Newport Banning Ranch (NBR). Under various ownerships, NBR has been a working oil field since 1947. The 400-acre property is a brownfield development, meaning hazardous substances, pollutants and contaminants are present in the soil and there is no public access. The landowners decided it was time to reclaim the vitality of the land through a commercial redevelopment plan to clean up the oil field, restore and protect sensitive coastal habitats, and use the revitalized land to drive public wellbeing and enjoyment of the coastline once again.

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The face of the fight

As with all commercial coastal development in California, the politics around NBR were intense. Anticipating a public affairs fight of gigantic proportions, our clients retained us to help make their inspired vision tangible to the many stakeholders who would decide the land’s fate. From the early days of the entitlement campaign, we worked with NBR’s managing partners to craft messaging and a brand identity imbued with the high-vibing optimism of their vision.

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Welcome back, nature

A holistic mix of residential, resort, and retail surrounded by public parks, trails and protected open space, Newport Banning Ranch’s redevelopment plan was for a vibrant, ecologically sustainable destination that welcomed nature and people back to the land. After an extensive phase of positioning and internal branding, Beyond Green became the essence of the NBR brand. To ensure the phrase didn’t just pay lip service to the community’s desire for sustainability, we focused our communication efforts on proving all the ways NBR actually delivered.


Sunny with a side of sustainability

With inclusivity, consciousness, and lighthearted fun at the heart of the brand personality, we created a logo and suite of visual branding for NBR that was sunny with a side of sustainability. The eye-catching citrus tones and bold typography projected the optimism and urgency behind the campaign with the added benefit of making our direct mailers, ads, and signage stand out.

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Engaging the public

The central hub of the entitlement fight was the website that we developed for NBR. All digital marketing efforts would drive back to the website where we asked for public support in the form of signatures and hearing attendance. Our content strategy was to simply and clearly illustrate the stakes at hand: keep Newport Banning Ranch an uninhabitable oilfield or reclaim the land and its purpose for future generations.
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“In addition to the expected creativity, Truss brings something extra to the table—profound personal interest in their clients’ endeavors and round-the-clock availability.”

—Michael A. Mohler, Senior Project Manager, Newport Banning Ranch

The results

Over a six month period, our efforts resulted in a 222.5% increase in web visits, 218% uptick in new visits, and a 249% surge in return visits to Our SEO strategy yielded a 113% increase in organic traffic, 799% increase in mobile device visitation, and a 407% in-state visitation.