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From redesign to reimagine

We were approached by Land Advisors’ California subsidiary to redesign and professionalize a suite of their print collateral. Immediately we knew there was more that could be done to elevate the LAO brand. After a period of discovery, we were greenlit to reimagine the LAO California brand experience.

What we did


Brand Strategy

Visual Identity

Print Collateral


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Of grit and dirt

Our research revealed a sea of sterile competitor brands. Websites filled with corporate offices, high rises, and stock images of brokers in suits failed to capture the grit, dirt, and romance of the land business. We saw an opportunity to differentiate LAO through a new visual identity that featured a refreshed logo, high-contrast black and white photography, heroic landscapes, interesting textures, and bold typography.
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An authoritative voice

LAO’s website and collateral content suffered from the curse of knowledge. They were so close to the details of their business that their message was muddied under layers of minutiae. We refined their communications to a handful of compelling messages that tell the LAO story with clarity and authority.

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The results

Our client’s Arizona peers caught wind of what we were doing for LAO California and requested a meeting. Inspired by our work, we were retained to create a cohesive corporate brand strategy and website for the entire Land Advisors Organization. By revitalizing the brand, client perception of the LAO brand improved and is outperforming rivals in deal volume and value.