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A new kind
of residential Irvine

Intracorp tasked us with the brand design and inbound marketing program for C2E, its new contemporary townhome community in the Irvine Business Complex (IBC). The challenge was to attract homebuyers to a new urban neighborhood in a city known for suburban master planned communities. With seven months of presale, and limited visual assets, we’d have to market a unique urban lifestyle first, and the homes second.

Close to everything

We began our branding process by defining C2E’s value proposition. The opposite of “your mama’s masterplan,” C2E would be the design-forward, upscale urban boutique community that places residents close to everything hip, culturally relevant and convenient in the region.

Making a statement

We began with naming and brand design to create a cohesive visual identity for the community. The community logomark was designed to emphasize its new shorthand moniker—C2E. We gave the brand a bold visual treatment with a bright palette that would announce itself against a corporate-commercial backdrop.

C2e Logo
C2e Illustrated Map
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Selling the
urban Irvine dream

Inbound marketing objectives were to build a strong presale interest list, remarket to the list to drive sales center foot traffic, as well as create a strong sales pipeline through ongoing lead generation once C2E opened.

All the things

Without a built product or product photography for much of the marketing program’s lifespan, campaign creative was themed around the “Close To Everything” brand promise, highlighting C2E’s unique selling point. Primary elements included a high converting, SEO-optimized website, email marketing, social advertising and digital retargeting.

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C2e Social Ads
What we did

Brand Strategy



Brand Identity

Brand Guidelines




Digital Campaign

Print Campaign

Social Media

Social Advertising

Email Marketing


Sales Collateral

C2e Print

106,604 total web sessions

88,548 total unique users

526 total tracked conversions

38,007 total “homes” pageviews, averaging 3:27 per view

79% increase in organic search traffic

43% increase in paid campaign traffic

84% Facebook referral increase in second promotional period

*Based on two 11mos. periods (Dec. 2017–Oct. 2018 vs. Nov. 2018–Sept. 2019)

The results

With a strong brand platform in place and Truss’ continued strategic and tactical marketing support, the C2E sales team sold out all units by the Fall of 2019. The community’s success also laid the groundwork for Intracorp’s continued residential development in the IBC.