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The rarity of beachfront living

700 South Strand was a resort-style collection of just 17 modern condos steps from the sand in Oceanside, California. With unobstructed views and crazy-close access to the Pacific, the community needed a brand platform and marketing plan that effectively sold the rarity of this coastal real estate opportunity.

700 South Strand Branding Rendering
700 South Strand Moodboard

A nautical motif

Inspired by breton shirts, colorful beach parasols, and sunwashed sling chairs, we gave 700 South Strand a bold visual treatment. Our work paid homage to California’s rolling waves and laid back attitude. Deliverables included a logotype and logomark, a playful typography palette, and a saturated, blue-green color palette.

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Like a front yard but better

Early on in our creative ideation we were struck by the portmanteau “beachfrontyard”—a turn of phrase that captured the promise of beachfront living and the playful lifestyle that awaited homebuyers at 700 South Strand. This was the creative hook that we used to inspire all brand messaging, storytelling and visuals.

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Postcard-perfect pictures

A location photoshoot provided us with the necessary assets to tell the brand story. Images featured glistening waters, coastline panoramas, and active people of all ages making the most of their beachfrontyard.

700 Ss Pelican
700 Ss Postcards
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700 South Strand Email Marketing
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What we did


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The results

On a small budget and working against challenging market conditions, we succeeded in building brand awareness and driving qualified traffic to the sales office. Homes launched well over the original recommended sales price, and our efforts resulted in a community sellout within a year of going to market.