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We’re going to let you in on a secret. Building a successful brand, one that resonates with consumers and stands out in a saturated marketplace—it can be done without breaking your budget.

Hear us out: the key to a thriving brand that hits home with your target consumer is less about creating commercials or huge media buys, and more about creating a purpose-driven brand perception. Sure, the marketing budgets of iconic brands such as Coca Cola, Nike, and the like have enabled them to scale past their competitors. But in actuality, their successes are driven more by their core values and brand truth, all of which give meaning to their company and foster a unique narrative. As the marketing landscape continues to shift and evolve, consumers are increasingly drawn towards humanistic brands that they can connect with, rather than ones that merely deliver flashy sales pitches. The good news is that there are cost-friendly ways to do that. Take a look at these key steps that can help your brand make a big impact without a major marketing spend.

Harness your narrative

When it comes to building brand loyalty, it’s important to consider what your brand actually means to your audience. We’ve said it before and we’re going to say it again because we truly believe that impactful brand growth starts with telling a better story. This means having a clear understanding of your company’s values, what they represent, your vision, and how you want people to talk about you as a company? Answering these questions is the beginning to building a compelling brand and a cohesive voice.

In a previous post, we also outlined the fundamental value of creating a narrative that piques your audience’s interest and establishes a meaningful connection. In crafting your brand story, it’s important to keep a focus on your customers—who are they? What do they need? How can you help them get it? It’s important to consider what your brand means to your audience and what they will take away each time they interact with your brand. Answering these questions will help you develop a consistent story that will become the backdrop for the rest of your marketing journey.

Cue the content

A constant presence will keep you top of mind with consumers. One way to do that is with content. This marketing approach focuses on creating relevant content that offers value to your target audience, from blogs and videos to articles, e-blasts, and webinars. It’s an opportunity to carry your brand voice and story across different platforms while also establishing yourself as an expert and resource in your industry. 

For instance, a local bakery might post a video on its Instagram story of how they make one of their pastries or bread. It’s cost-effective for the bakery to produce the video and viewers see it as a personable experience. The key is to remember that your audience is just like you—human. So when it comes to great content, focus on creating a memorable experience and giving back to the end-user by providing value before pushing a transaction.

No matter what platform or format you use to produce content, it’s ultimately about eliciting emotion. People engage with content that strikes an emotional chord with them. So with everything you create you have to ask yourself: “Does this provide value to my audience?” and “How will this make my audience feel?” 

Create more opportunities 

One of the advantages of large brands is having a larger market reach. As you build your brand, one thing you can do to get your name in front of a broader audience is to look for collaboration opportunities with other businesses that have similar but non-competitive audiences. For example, a wine distributor might partner with a meal subscription box and create a promotional campaign that includes both products. Or a home builder might team up with a larger appliances company to showcase their products together. The companies aren’t competing with each other and there is a mutual benefit to working together. 

Why is it so effective? Not only is co-marketing a cost-effective strategy, but it also builds relationships quicker. If consumers are introduced to your brand by one they already know and trust, they’re much more likely to extend that trust to you. It can be an effective way to increase brand awareness, break into new markets, and grow your business with more momentum.

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